Voltage : 6
Nominal Capacity(Ah)
20Hr(1.75V/Cell) :5
10Hr(1.75V/Cell) :4.5
5Hr(1.70V/Cell) :4.25
3Hr(1.75V/Cell) : 3.75
1Hr(1.60V/Cell) :3
Terminal: B /C/E Low Self Discharge Rate, Less Than 3% Of Rated Capacity Per Month Under Normal Temperature.
Strong Abs And Sealed Maintenance Free.
Sealed Construction And Leak Proof.
Safety Valve Regulated System.
Deep Discharge Recovery.
Wide Operating Temperature Range
100% Brand New
Suggested To Charge Initial 8 Hours For Better Life.
Push Type Battery Terminal.
Long Shelf Life.
Valve Regulated Lead Acid Series Ups Batteries Are Designed With Agm (Absorbent Glass Mat) Technology, High Performance Plates And Electrolyte To Gain Extra Power Output For Common Power Backup System Applications.
No Warranty – Before Dispatch, Every Battery Will Be Tested And Go Through Qa (Quality Assurances) Phase.


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