Fast Flicker RGB Led Quantity: 100 pieces / Packs Lens: 5mm Diameter / Transparent / Round Luminous Intensity: R:2000-3000mcd / G:15000-18000mcd / B:7000-8000mcd Ultrabright Viewing Angle: 30 Degree Forward Voltage / Current: 3V-3.2V(G) | 20mA Wattage: 0.06W Lead Length: 17mm / 18.5mm Polarity: Anode (Longer Part) | Cathode (Shorter Part) Used For: DIY PCB Circuit, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Hobby, Science Experiments, Throwies Project, Breadboard, T1 T-1 Bulb, Bulk Parts Replacement Search “chanzon led diode” for more related leds.


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